The Night of Pistol Pete

The Night of Pistol Pete

Pistol Pete


As the Golden State Warriors head into the NBA Finals, all eyes are on two-time defending MVP Stephen Curry.

Curry has led the Warriors to an NBA record 73 regular-season wins and shattered his own three-point record in the process, downing a mind-boggling 402 three-pointers.

But before there was Stephen Curry — with his effortless ballhandling, incredible shooting range, and offensive creativity  — there was Pistol Pete.

“Starting off with [Steph] Curry, I have never seen anybody handle and shoot off the dribble like him…The only guy I can think of who played like him was Pete Maravich”

– Richie Adubato, former coach of the Dallas Mavericks and WNBA’s Liberty, now a broadcaster for the Orlando Magic

In 2004, the New Orleans Jazz celebrated its 30th Anniversary. The legacy of the city’s first NBA team would be incomplete without the night that Pete Maravich (known as “Pistol Pete” for his deadly shooting accuracy) scored 68 points, the most points ever scored by a guard in the National Basketball Association.

That legendary game is featured here, along with interviews of former teammates, fans, sportswriters, coaches and even Maravich family members. The show speaks to what the Jazz and Pistol Pete meant to so many sports fans whose hearts were captured during a special time.

“Whatever happened, the New Orleans Jazz and Pistol Pete Maravich captured the imagination of the fans.”

– Barry Mendelson, Executive Producer

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