Everyone Loves a Parade

Parade_2 girls

This weekend, Mendelson Entertainment Group (MEG) will travel to Ithaca, New York to teach an accredited three-day academic course at Ithaca College.

The course, Everyone Loves a Parade, will explore the creative and operational aspects of building and staging a large-scale entertainment event. The MEG team will use their experience producing the Dallas Children’s Health Holiday Parade as a primary example of staging a large-scale production.

Every year, the Dallas Children’s Health Holiday Parade requires extensive planning for both a live audience and a worldwide TV audience. Everyone Loves a Parade will be a crash course in how everything from aesthetic design to budgets and city permits comes together to create a spectacular live event.

Parade_ElephantStudents interested in Communications, Event Management, and the Theater Arts will have the unprecedented opportunity to learn about live event production from Mendelson’s experienced team members and earn an academic credit.

The course, Everyone Loves a Parade, was created through the cooperation between Ithica College and Barry Mendelson. Mendelson Entertainment Group is committed to serving the community and inspiring young professionals.